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August 21st

Boise, ID to John Day, OR
178 Miles

Transparent space holder Before I left on the trip I called my first stop, the state park in Ohio. On the positive side, it's a large park with lots of sites. On the negative side, they're all full for the night. Guess I should have called sooner. On the way to work
  At 14:45 I started gathering my stuff and walked out the door. It took two trips since I had all my gear and the bike was in the bike lot.  
  By 14:31 I was on the bike and on my way. I followed the directions given by the Microsoft Streets & Trips and realized that the times in the directions were very optimistic. I made it to the beltway at 15:14. Traffic was about average I guess for a Friday afternoon.  
  There were a couple of slow downs on the way out, particularly at the places you'd expect. Turn offs and lane losses. No accidents or anything.  
  At the Rt 68 turnoff it looked like rain ahead so I pulled off and put on my gear. It was at an exit ramp where the left turn was towards town but the right was a short dead-end. I expected I'd get pretty good at getting my gear on :-)  
  One of the first things I learned about with the rain suit was that if you didn't fully seal the arm and neck holes, you'd get balloon (from the air getting into your arms) and you'd get wet.  
  After a bit I pulled off and removed the suit. I realized after leaving it on for a bit that it gets fairly sweaty if it's not raining/cold. A bit later it started raining again so I stopped at an underpass and put on my gear again. This takes between 20 and 30 minutes to get it out and on.
  About 30 minutes before I stopped, I felt a pop in my back. I thought it was one of the bungie cords slipping out of its hook. I reached back and felt around a little but couldn't find anything loose. I had two bungie cords for each bag and a strap for the side stuff (leathers and tent).
  About 10 minutes later I felt a sharp pain in about the same place. On that one I thought for sure a cord had released. It was very sharp.
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