2003 CO-HSTA Games Ride

Saturday, August 14th, 2004

Organized by Brian Hopkins

Organizational Notes:

Starting Point: Senor Burrito's, Lakewood CO 7:30-9:00 a.m. We're meeting at Senor Burritos at 25th and Kipling in Lakewood (between 6th Ave and 1-70 on Kipling, which is one exit east of the union/simms IHOP exit.) You cannot leave earlier than 7:30am, and I'll be there from 7am ish til 9am or so. We'll hand out route sheets, clues, etc. If you want to just com and have breakfast with me then come on by. Best green chili around.

Directions to start point:

From south I-25, go west on 6th Ave in Denver to the Kipling exit, go north, past the light at 20th street. You'll come over a hill, start heading down, you'll see a shopping center on the left including a do it yourself car wash. Turn into there. it's an old taco bell building up against the street. If you get to the light at 26th street, you went too far.

From north I-25, go west on I-70 (or I-76 if you are that far north) to the Kipling exit on I-70. go south on Kipling to the light at 26th. About 100 feet past the light, turn right (west) into the shopping center, if you get tot he light at 20th, you went too far.

Ending Point: 6pm Hopkins Compound ver. 2.0. I am hosting a cookout from 4 p.m. until midnight (or until the food and drink runs out).. If you are coming to here from some other direction just call and I'll guide you in. I live in Longmont Colorado. If you are joining us just for the BBQ, which is find, please bring some chairs and something to add to the BBQ

Detailed directions to my compound are provided at the end of this document.

General Games Ride Information

Bonus Points

You may do any or all of the items below. All of these require proof including Points for Passes - I will accept your word on these, although pictures, or writing down the sign elevation would be better. They will be checked against your other reciepts to be sure they make sense. You must collect each bonus. Note that many of these bonuses are progressive, with the point value for each additional one getting higher as you get them. Pay very close attention.

  1. States
    (Proof of visiting a state is in the form of a receipt that must have at least town name, state and today's date but it does not necessarily need to be for gas)
    1. Get a receipt from any state besides Colorado. 1000 points
      1. 2 other states: 2000 points total
      2. 3 other states: 5000 total
      3. 4 other states: 10000 total
      4. 5 other states: 20000 total
    2. Montana bonus: one receipt from Montana is worth an extra 5000 points
    3. A receipt from Texas is worth an extra 2500 points
    4. Bonus points: any receipt from a unique Exxon gas station is worth an additional 50 points (No limit) (so you could get 3 gas station receipts inside Colorado from Exxon for 150 points, the receipt must say Exxon on it))
      (Ex. You could ride from here up to Hardin, Montana, this means you did Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, you get 2000 points for two states, plus the Montana bonus for a total of 7000 points PLUS whatever else you get from below)
  2. Big Mileage Points
  3. The "Envelope"
    1. This is almost a freebie. Put your license in a sealed envelope. You must do this before you leave Senor Burritos.
      1. Brian initials and seals the envelope.
      2. If the license gets taken out of the envelope for any reason!
        1. 1000 points if your license is still in the envelope
        2. -5000 points if the license is out of the envelope
  4. Colorado 14'ers
    1. Ride to the top of Pikes Peak. Need reciept from the tollgate and also get some sort of proof from the shop at the top - 500 points.
    2. Ride to the top of Mt. Evans. Need receipt from the tollgate. Will take your word that you rode to the top - 1000 points.
    3. Do both of the above and your points will be doubled for a total of 3000 points.
  5. Wearable Bonuses
    Note that these are progressive
    1. Buy any black Harley T shirt from a dealer with that dealer's name on it and you must buy the shirt today. In other words, you can't go home and raid your closet for pj's, you has to have receipts for today. (i.e. Thunder Mountain Harley, Rocky Mountain Harley, Black Hills Harley, etc) Only one shirt from each dealer is counted. Note that if you bring a shirt from Miami Beach Harley, you better bring a receipt that is dated today.
    2. Scoring
      1. 1st T shirt - 200 points
      2. 2nd T shirt from a different dealer - 300 points (total 500)
      3. 3rd T shirt - 500 points (total 1000)
      4. 4th T shirt - 1000 points (total 2000)
      5. 5th and each additional Harley T shirt -- 750 points each (5 shirts: 2750 points, 6 shirts: 3500 points, etc)
      6. Additional bonus
        1. Shirts from out of state dealers are worth an additional 500 points each. (Ex. 5 total shirts but 2 from Wyoming would be 2750 + 1000 would be 3750 points)
        2. From yet a third state adds yet another 800 points to the shirt. (Ex. 5 total shirts, 3 from Colorado, 1 from Wyoming, 1 from Nebraska = 2750 plus 500 plus 500 = 4000 points)
      7. Teddy Bear Bonus
        1. Bring any size Harley Teddy Bear to the rally end point; receive 500 points, plus all the Teddy Bears will be donated to the US Marine's toys for tot's run at Thanksgiving
  6. National Parks and Monuments - Visit any of these and stamp this document with the rubber stamp passport found in any visitor center. You must use the rubber stamp, as it is the only accepted proof. This is a progressive bonus. Any national parks or national monuments in the United States are good for this. This is only a partial list
    1. The first park you visit is worth 1000 points
    2. The 2nd park you visit is worth 2000 points
    3. The 3rd park you visit is worth 3000 points
    4. The 4th park you visit is worth 5000 points
    5. The 5th park and every park beyond is worth 10000 points each!!!
      1. Ex1. 3 parks: 6000 points
      2. Ex2. 6 parks: 31000 points

    1. Rocky Mountain National Park
    2. Yellowstone National Park (special double secret probation, add 13000 points)
    3. Colorado National Monument
    4. Dinosaur National Monument
    5. Bents Old Fort National Monument
    6. Great Sand Dunes National Monument
    7. Mesa Verde National Monument
    8. Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument
    9. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument.
    10. Hovenweep National Monument.
    11. Mt Capulin Volcanic National Monument (near Raton, NM)
    12. Devils Tower (near Sundance WY)(extra bonus 10000 points)
    13. Mt. Rushmore (Black Hills, SD)
    14. Grand Teton's National Monument (near Jackson WY),
    15. Little Big Horn National Battlefield (near Hardin MT)
    16. Etc________________________________
  7. Points for Passes - Mountain Passes - Simply ride over the pass to get credit. Nothing else! We will use the honor system for this, please write down the elevation listed on the sign at the pass.
    1. Cameron Pass - 1500 points
    2. Berthoud Pass - 250 points
    3. Hoosier Pass - 300 points
    4. Guanella Pass - 1000 points
    5. La Veta - 2000 points
    6. Slumgullion Pass - 1500 points
    7. Cuchara Pass - 300 points
    8. Monarch Pass - 350 points
    9. Squaw Pass - 350 points
    10. Independence Pass - 1500 points
    11. Poncha Pass - 600 points
    12. Cottonwood Pass - 1000 points
    13. Wilkerson Pass - 1000 points
    14. Hoosier Pass - 250 points
    15. Boreas Pass - 500 points
    16. Dubois Pass - 5000 points
    17. Hogback Pass - 10000 points
    18. Battle Pass (WY): 2000 points
    19. ANY CONTINENTAL DIVIDE pass: 500 pts each
      for example Loveland (or Eisenhower): 500 pts each, Berthoud Pass: 750 pts (500+250)
  8. Postcards From The Edge - Just buy a postcard
    Postcards must be bought in the specific town. i.e. you can't go to Denver and buy Breckenridge and Glenwood Springs' cards. Bring a reciept along with the postcard. (if you really can't find a postcard, bring a receipt from the town, but I'm really looking for you to get a postcard. If you can't find one, but someone else does, your points will be disallowed)
    1. Breckenridge - 500 points
    2. Loveland - 800 points
    3. Laramie WY 1000 points
    4. Glenwood Springs - 500 points
    5. Crested Butte - 400 points
    6. Gunnison - 250 points
    7. Sterling - 750 points
    8. Montrose - 250 points
    9. Cody WY: 5000 points
    10. State Bridge - 500 points
    11. Oak Creek - 500 points
    12. Kit Carson - 250 points
    13. Lamar - 250 points
    14. Baggs WY: 1000 points
    15. Casper WY: 1700 points
    16. Burlington - 400 points
    17. Limon - 250 points
    18. Wray - 600 points
    19. Scotts Bluff NE: 1500 points
    20. Encampment WY - 250 points
    21. Alamosa - 250 points
    22. Landers WY - 5000 points
    23. Stonewall (Highway of Legends, CO 12): 500 points
    24. Granby: 300 points
    25. Sidney NE, 500 points
    26. Las Vegas, NM: 1750 points
    27. Gunnison: 850 points
    28. Lake City: 900 points
    29. Texline TX: 4000 points
    30. Red River, NM: 4000 points
    31. Bird City, KS: 2500 points
    32. Jackson Hole WY: 5000 points
  9. Get Educated! - Small Town Museums
    Lots of small towns (Limon, Kit Carson, Kiowa, etc..) have small town, county, railroad, etc. Muesums. Visit them and bring proof of some kind. Any museum in a town will be accepted.
    1. Each Museum you visit - 250 points
    2. Each transportation Museum (anything to do with transportation: cars, trains, bikes, whatever) bonus 50 points each. (so a railroad museum would be worth a total of 300 points)
    3. Visit 5 museums - 3000 points total
    4. Each additional (beyond 5) museum: 500 points (so 7 museums is worth 4000 points)
  10. Some Wacky Locations.
    1. Cabella's Sporting Goods - Sidney, Nebraska. Bring Proof (like I need ammo, feel free to bring some back) - 2500 points
    2. The Moose Visitor Center - CO 14 near Cameron Pass - Bring proof. - 1000 points
    3. Casino Tokens - Bring any single token from any casino in any of the following towns:
  11. State Capitals
    Visit any State Capitol city - Bring Proof (of being in the city, you don't necessarily have to bring proof of the capital building itself)!(as in I would suggest a Exxon station)

  12. Stuff (aka bribes for Brian)
    1. Bring a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts to the end of the rally location unsmashed: 750 points
    2. Bring a 12 pack of beer: 500 points
    3. Bring a 6 or 4 pack of English beer: 500 points
    4. Bring a 12 pack of soda: 800 points
    5. Bring a big bag of chips: 100 points per lb. (3lbs = 300 points)
    6. Add dip to the chips, double your score (3lb bag + 1 can of dip = 600 points)