Trip to pick up Rita's bike
July 27th to August 2nd
3154 Miles

Rita had been searching for something that'd work better than her Honda Shadow. She's not getting the hang of riding the bike and wants to get a trike. After weeks of searching, she found one on e-bay that we liked the look of. A nice looking 1980's era Goldwing trike (1200cc). It wasn't beat in to submission and had some 40k miles on it which wasn't all that bad. It was in Dayton Ohio so we planned a trip out to pick it up. Rita was ready to ride it back and she'd sold her bike (although it was still in the garage until the buyer finished her riders class).

I also decided to attempt to complete my first Iron Butt SaddleSore, 1000 miles in 24 hours by riding to Evansville Indiana.

In Ohio, I got directions back to the hotel. That was an interesting ride.